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CKDS Radio play the widest variety of music imaginable. Our in-between show broadcasts run 24 Hours with competitions to win shirts, CDs, DVDs and much more! All are hidden as Easter eggs in the in-between show broadcasts. You can find out more and keep up with our latest competitions on our Facebook Page or visit our competition tab. The Live shows often result in DJs having a little too much to drink and performing insane stunts to appease the listeners. New shows are being devised every day and with some real sci-fi television and movie stars looking to make some guess appearances it bound to be entertaining.

First picture contest winner

DJ Kittybooo, bearing all for her fans.
Lucy's CKDS dog. First runner up in the September picture contest.

CKDSradio is proud to announce it's very first picture contest winner. Our very own DJ Kittybooo (as seen on the right)

The first prize for September's draw is a $100 cash prize.
First runner up in September was Lucy Lincoln, showing off her dog's great taste for entertainment (as seen on the right).

Tune in for Friday's show where The Bossman will announce the next contest, and the next awesome prize. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an awesome CKDSradio t-shirt.


Getting Drunk with Jon and Steve

Throwback season is upon us. With our tribute show to one of the earliest formats of our live shows, and it’s not all about getting plastered. We have a few drinks, talk absolute nonsense, and play some epic music. While our mantra on these nights is to never be so drunk that we are unable to use the equipment, Jon has been known to spill a drink or twelve on them... so good times for our tech support!

David Hewlett AKA Rodney McKay From Stargate Atlantis, with CKDS RADIO Bossman, Stephen Driver at the LFCC Comic Con
Picture Above: David Hewlett AKA Rodney McKay From Stargate Atlantis, with CKDS RADIO Bossman, Stephen Driver at the LFCC Comic Con.

Cheese to Please

Rodney Sinfield goes out of his way to bring you some true mature cheddar. The cheapest jokes you can possibly imagine and some music that so impossible bad it’s almost good. It will leave you wondering how it was ever famous or why Rodney won’t just let it die. WARNING: Show may contain traces of Jason Donovan

Vs Revisit & Groove

Virginia Hey (yes, that Virginia Hey)! Now our resident Australian DJ, who you might remember from Mad Max 2, Farscape, James Bond and much more‏. Hey just joined the CKDS team with an absolutely fantastic show packed with old school grooves and some great anecdotes from her and if you’re really lucky some of her guests!

Unfiltered Movie Reviews and Tunes

Rodney is back again and this time it’s serious . . . no really it is! The show is all about reviewing films from a critic’s viewpoint, while polite it is a very honest representation of how Rodders sees the film. The show is also jam packed with TV and Movie soundtracks for your enjoyment.

Mmmmm (Matt Mannings Mad Music Mayhem)

A DJ from our very first day is back at his post: CKDS DJ Matt Manning! It’s nice when team members return from their adventures! Matt will play some awesome tunes and do some great banter. With years of experience as a pro DJ and Musician, he does some of the most flawless segways and fades on the station. Not to mention often Matts music selections have a great pattern about them.

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DJ Kittybooo: We've been promoting a local band called all these years check them out on twitter and facebook
DJ Kittybooo: im guessing thats you jimmy lol, hello little man xxx
DJ Kittybooo: lazy man
DJ Kittybooo: whats breakfast gotta do with this? lol..... indeed awesome tunes playing tonight
DJ Kittybooo: rocking out with kelly is just about to start dont forget to get your requests in now
DJ Kittybooo: get your rqests in now
DJ Kittybooo: DJ kittybooo is back and better than ever for rocking out with kelly tonight at 8GMT tonight. if you want to request a song register and type it in her and ill play it for you :)
Monkey: Looking forward to some quality CKDSradio time this weekend.\
ckdsradio: Neither can I . I would like to appologise to people for needing to be logged in to use the chat on our website. However for those of you desperate for a live show you can tune in to CKDS Radio 2 in the drop down menu now. «link»
DJ Kittybooo: whoop looking forward to my next show. Dont forget 8 GMT saturday :)
DJ Kittybooo: I'm so excited ive started my first blog go over to the team blogs and have a look
Monkey: Great blog, love the profile picture :)
stephen_5509: Boom im in with our new facebook connect module!
DJ Kittybooo: Thanks monkey, i am really enjoying writing it every week cant wait for next thursday :)
stephen_5509: yay rocking out with kell
stephen_5509: We are rocking without kell this saturday its just laura and the bossman!
DJ Kittybooo: rocking out with kelly tonight wooooo
DJ Kittybooo: its rocking out with eklly live now on ckdsradio tune in now, want a request write it in the box :)
DJ Kittybooo: Tonight Dj kittybooo is back and better than ever at 8pm GMT dont forget to tune in
DJ Kittybooo: hey ckds radio. I will be returning this Saturday at 8pm for my rocking out with Kelly show don't miss my return fans
DJ Kittybooo: we are going live in 5 seconds come tune in now either on live 365 or lixlr
System: Welcome!
DudleyDS: Good evening! :)
DJ Kittybooo: hello dudley
DudleyDS: Of course I'm listening!
DJ Kittybooo: awesome :)
DudleyDS: It's very rare I get a Saturday night off ;)
DJ Kittybooo: awwwww and you choose to listen to my show im blessed
DudleyDS: It's a little bit garbled on my end - but it has improved from what it was!
DJ Kittybooo: good to know
Stephen-Driver-faceb: yeah mother fucker
DudleyDS: Haven't heard this song in ages!
DudleyDS: Yet, I still know all of the words!
Stephen-Driver-faceb: its a good sonf
Monkey: Fight the power!
Stephen-Driver-faceb: WERE BACK BABY!

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