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20:38-- DJ Kittybooo: We've been promoting a local band called all these years check them out on twitter and facebook
20:51-- DJ Kittybooo: im guessing thats you jimmy lol, hello little man xxx
21:00-- DJ Kittybooo: lazy man
21:22-- DJ Kittybooo: whats breakfast gotta do with this? lol..... indeed awesome tunes playing tonight
20:01-- DJ Kittybooo: rocking out with kelly is just about to start dont forget to get your requests in now
20:10-- DJ Kittybooo: get your rqests in now
19:37-- DJ Kittybooo: DJ kittybooo is back and better than ever for rocking out with kelly tonight at 8GMT tonight. if you want to request a song register and type it in her and ill play it for you :)
2:00-- Monkey: Looking forward to some quality CKDSradio time this weekend.\
1:42-- ckdsradio: Neither can I . I would like to appologise to people for needing to be logged in to use the chat on our website. However for those of you desperate for a live show you can tune in to CKDS Radio 2 in the drop down menu now. «link»
12:14-- DJ Kittybooo: whoop looking forward to my next show. Dont forget 8 GMT saturday :)
13:18-- DJ Kittybooo: I'm so excited ive started my first blog go over to the team blogs and have a look
1:36-- Monkey: Great blog, love the profile picture :)
20:44-- stephen_5509: Boom im in with our new facebook connect module!
21:10-- DJ Kittybooo: Thanks monkey, i am really enjoying writing it every week cant wait for next thursday :)
21:42-- stephen_5509: yay rocking out with kell
21:36-- stephen_5509: We are rocking without kell this saturday its just laura and the bossman!
20:50-- DJ Kittybooo: rocking out with kelly tonight wooooo
20:23-- DJ Kittybooo: its rocking out with eklly live now on ckdsradio tune in now, want a request write it in the box :)
17:34-- DJ Kittybooo: Tonight Dj kittybooo is back and better than ever at 8pm GMT dont forget to tune in
20:46-- DJ Kittybooo: hey ckds radio. I will be returning this Saturday at 8pm for my rocking out with Kelly show don't miss my return fans
19:00-- DJ Kittybooo: we are going live in 5 seconds come tune in now either on live 365 or lixlr
17:34-- System: Welcome!
19:55-- DudleyDS: Good evening! :)
20:13-- DJ Kittybooo: hello dudley
20:13-- DudleyDS: Of course I'm listening!
20:14-- DJ Kittybooo: awesome :)
20:14-- DudleyDS: It's very rare I get a Saturday night off ;)
20:15-- DJ Kittybooo: awwwww and you choose to listen to my show im blessed
20:25-- DudleyDS: It's a little bit garbled on my end - but it has improved from what it was!
20:27-- DJ Kittybooo: good to know
20:30-- Stephen-Driver-faceb: yeah mother fucker
20:36-- DudleyDS: Haven't heard this song in ages!
20:36-- DudleyDS: Yet, I still know all of the words!
20:41-- Stephen-Driver-faceb: its a good sonf
22:38-- Monkey: Fight the power!
0:42-- Stephen-Driver-faceb: WERE BACK BABY!

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